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Focal Chora Surround Focal Chora Surround Focal Chora Surround

Focal Chora Surround-1

Focal Chora Surround

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Chora är insteget till Focalljudet och förkroppsligar “Affordable Luxury” - mottot. Elementen är tillverkade i Slatefiber som är en blandning av Polymer och Kolfiber. Diskanten är tillverkad i en blandning av Aluminium och Magnesium. Chassit har strikt skandinavisk design och är klädd i en snygg vinyl i tre olika finishval: Svart, Light Wood samt Dark Wood.

2-Vägs Surroundhögtalare
1 x Al/Mg Diskant
1 x 61/2” Slatefiberbas


Surround speaker

Chora Surround is a compact loudspeaker that adds side and rear channels to your Home Cinema system for an even more immersive experience. The sound comes from all sides, accentuating the realism of scenes and heightening your sensations.
Made in France in Focal’s workshops, Chora Surround uses the same Slatefiber technology seen in the Chora speaker drivers, ensuring high-quality sonic coherence with the other loudspeakers in the line. Indeed, devised and designed to complete your audio system, this product combines perfectly with the Chora 826-D Dolby Atmos® loudspeaker and the Chora Center loudspeaker. And to increase the depth of sound, Focal engineers have also developed the Sub 600P subwoofer.
The loudspeaker fixes quickly and easily to the wall thanks to the wall attachment supplied. And thanks to its black MDF finish, its magnetic grille and sleek design, it will be a seamless yet stunning addition that fits perfectly into your listening room.